Adding Xero invoice items + HubSpot Deal line items / products

How to add line items to your invoice

There are two ways to add line items to your Xero invoice. 

Xero Products

Our integration will allow you to add the same products you have loaded in Xero to your invoice. The main benefit of doing this is your Xero reports will match up correctly.

Use the "Item" drop down list to select from existing products items from Xero. This will pre-populate the rest of the information.

Can't find an item? No problem just skip the item drop down and add the details manually from the "Description" field onwards.

HubSpot Deal Line Items / Products

If you have a HubSpot Sales Pro licence our APP will pre-populate any line items you have added to the deal directly on the invoice. Please note these will not match your Xero products but this method does quickly allow you to populate an invoice.