SendGrid Extra Info (Subject line etc)

Further enhance the info stored in HubSpot by upgrading your SendGird account.

Our app listens for web-hook events from SendGrid. These events unfortunately only contain minimal info (open, click, marketing info etc). You can however upgrade your SendGrid account to get this extra info:


How to add extra data to SendGrid events

We can add this extra info to your events but you will need to upgrade your SendGrid account so we can access the Email Activity API on your account. 

  • Purchase additional email activity history add-on from SendGrid here.
  • Ensure your SendGrid API key has either full access or you have also enabled "Email Activity" on the key


  • Return to Mail Sync SendGrid Settings and re-enter your API key and click "Configure SendGrid" (this lets us know we can now pull the extra info for your email events)

SendGrid_Sync_-_HubSpot_to_SendGrid_integration_pluginKnown limitations:

  • SendGrid only retains extra info for 30 days. If an older message is clicked or opened there is a chance this extra data will not be available for us to retrieve. We do store this data much longer than SendGrid so over time it will not be an issue. 
  • We can only retrieve 500 messages at a time from SendGrid. If you are a high volume sender or sending bulk email we might not be able to retrieve all the additional messages within a 5 minute window of the event being pushed to us. Eg. 1,000 email events are pushed to us to process within 5 minutes we would only be able to retrieve 500 additional messages. (this is due to low API rate limits on the SendGrid end)