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User ID Session Unification Setup

Our APP can also push the HubSpot contact ID as the Google User ID (UID). This guide explains how this works.

Enable these settings below to push the HubSpot Contact ID as the UID (User ID) to Google Analytics. The UID will allow you to unify sessions across multiple devices or web browsers. 

Example: User submits a form on their PC. Then submits a form on their Mobile. This will result in 2 x different Google Client ID's. Only the most recent will be stored on the HubSpot contact record. By pushing the UID with the most recent CID Google Analytics can link this activity together. 

UID Options:

  1. Selecting this option will also push the UID as well as the CID with each event. This will only push when a CID is stored on the HubSpot record.
  2. Store the UID as a custom dimension. (must be configured in GA first)
  3. Push events event when we have no CID. When a CID is eventually captured the previous activity can be unified against it. 

Event push example when enabled: