Pricing FAQ's

Got questions about how our pricing works?

Do I need to enter my credit card details to get started?

No! No credit card details are required to get your free 7 day trial started with MailSync.

What happens after my free 7 day trial ends?

Your account will be temporarily cancelled and the MailSync panel will be removed from your HubSpot. If you then purchase the MailSync paid plan, your account will be reinstated and you will have access to anything done during your trial period.

How am I billed - Yearly or Monthly?

At this time, we only offer Monthly billing. You will be billed on the date that you decide to purchase MailSync. Your next billing date will be the same day every month after that date.

Event Overage / Extra Charges

The monthly plan Includes 1000 logged events. Any events over this amount will be billed at $10 USD per 5000 events. *Billing is capped at $100USD total for peace of mind. Fair use applies - if you expect to be an extremely heavy user please get in touch

An event is an action we process and insert into HubSpot. Some events can occur multiple times per email Eg. A click or email open. Say someone clicks or opens the same email multiple times they would be logged onto the HubSpot timeline when they occur.
You can select the type of events that get pushed to HubSpot. Eg. Just email delivered would only count as a single event.

Heavy user?

Our APP is designed to handle transactional emails only. Eg. small batches of events.
If you are sending Marketing campaigns to large lists (50,000+) from SendGrid please get in touch with us we can help create a custom processing endpoint for you.
Once we start hitting HubSpot's API limits your events could be discarded to avoid overloading systems and incurring large billing costs.

How can I pay? 

All major credit cards are accepted. At this time, EFT payments are not available.

What currency will I be billed in?

All pricing listed is in USD.

Where can I purchase the paid plan?

You can purchase a paid plan in the Account Settings section of the MailSync dashboard. 

Can I cancel my paid plan?

You can cancel your paid plan at any time. Access will be remain available until the end of your current billing cycle and then your account will be cancelled and the MailSync panel will be removed from your HubSpot.