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Custom Dimensions Configuration

Learn how to setup custom dimensions in Google Analytics

Custom Dimensions are a handy way of applying values directly to a users tracking profile in Google Analytics.

Because custom dimensions are applied to a users profile and are great for audience building as they persist VS an event which is at a certain point in time.

Custom Dimensions - User Explorer*note the User Explorer view will not always display Custom Dimensions for a particular user (doesn't always appear to populate in GA). Reviewing reports is often the best way to check the data is going in ok. 

How to configure Custom Dimensions

Before you can use custom dimensions in Google Analytics you must create them first. Google allows you to create up to 20 of these properties. Once created you can start pushing data to them from HubSpot.

Step 1: Creating custom dimensions

Log into your Google Analytics account and go to the admin settings. Then select "Custom Definitions" then "Custom Dimensions".


Step 2: Create your custom dimensions

Create a new custom dimension:


Set the name and select "user" as the scope:

cd_define_userTake note of the index number. This represents the CD1 - CD20 values in Analytics Amplifier settings:


Once you have created your custom dimensions in Google Analytics you can start pushing data to them via our APP. Simply select the correct index from the drop down under Google Settings: