Google Client ID is not populating

If the Google Client ID is not showing in your forms please check out the common causes here.

#1 HubSpot Google Analytics Integration Issues

If you are using the HubSpot Integration to output the GA tracking code it will not work well if you have GDPR settings enabled. More info here.

We recommend manually adding your GA tracking code to the site header or using Google Tag manager to deploy the GA tracking code. 

Checkout our detailed guide here.

#2 JQuery is not installed

Ensure JQuery is installed on your pages. We do try to use normal javascript but for embedded forms JQuery is the only way to go.

#3 Javascript errors

Check your console log for any Javascript errors that might be breaking the script.

#4 Multiple Google Tracking Scripts are running on the same page

If you are running more than one GA tracking script you will need to specify the correct ID. Please use this script instead.