What data get sync'd between HubSpot and Xero?

What we Sync:

XSync allows you to Invoice your deals right inside HubSpot. It gives you the same invoice creation panel you would expect to see from Xero. 

Once an invoice has been raised the the following info is sync'd to HubSpot:

  • Xero Invoice ID and URL is saved to the HubSpot timeline
  • Xero payment status is also applied to the HubSpot timeline
Properties are also added to the Contact and Deal record which can be used to trigger workflows:
    • XSync Invoice Amount
    • XSync Invoice Company Name
    • XSync Invoice Creation Date
    • XSync Invoice Due Date
    • XSync Invoice Number

We do not Sync:

Contacts. But we do try to automatically match the email address of the contact or deal to the contacts in HubSpot. If a match is found the Xero the contact is applied to the invoice. If no match is found you can create a contact in Xero from Xsync.

There is another HubSpot app that does contact Sync for Xero - we found the data structure is not a close enough match however. (Xero is more company focused vs contact).